Sunday, 22 November 2009

Following up on Bendazzi, part 3 (1940-1969)

Continuing the series of posts examining the British animators listed in Cartoons: One Hundred Years of Cinema Animation by Giannalberto Bendazzi. Part one can be found here.

Here's what Bendazzi has to say about British animation during the period:
Propaganda and war-related educational films helped keep British animation alive during the war while advertising, which had traditionally supported production, amost (sic) disappeared.
The animators and productions that he lists are:

Halas & Batchelor


Anson Dyer
Squirrel War

David Hand/GB-Animation

George Moreno
Bubble & Squeak

Gerard Holdsworth
His Story of Time (1951)

John Daborn/the Grasshopper Group
Two's Company
Bride and Groom
The Battle of Wangapore

Peter Földes
Animated Genesis
A Short Vision

Bendazzi depicts the period as being dominated by two new studios, Halas & Batchelor and Larkins. It's worth mentioning that the book focuses more on animated films than on television series, hence why the section overlooks a number of notable figures who were active at the time, such as John Ryan, Oliver Postgate, Peter Firmin, Gordon Murray and Ivor Wood. A biography of John Halas concludes the survey.

Part 1 - 2 - 3- 4

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