Thursday, 3 June 2010

Animators' blogs

For a very brief period there was a box on this blog with a list of links to blogs run by various UK-based animators; I decided to scrap it since there were just too many to cover in such little space. Here's a brief round-up of what I came across...

Almost certainly the most prolific blogger of the lot is Oscar Grillo, who maintains no less than six blogs himself with a seventh run in collaboration with Chips Hardy. There is also an eighth blog showcasing his art, run by Rubén "Chivo" González.

Other established animation names in the blogosphere include the Brothers McLeod (an eye-opening look at just how prolific the pair are); Slinky Pictures (covering a wide range of material - animation, live action and illustration) and Uli Meyer (not much about animation, but plenty of gorgeous illustration).

Eyeballs and Fishlips was run by the crew of Creature Comforts America. Like the series in question the blog had a short lifespan, being active for just over a year, but it's still worth a look for the amount of background information it provides.

It's not uncommon for an independent animated film to have a production blog; examples include The Astronomer's Sun and Mother of Many. Both are fascinating first-hand accounts of the animation process; following the projects from conception to their eventual award-winning acclaim is an uplifting experience.

Student films sometimes have production blogs as well. Rhiannon Evans' BAA-nominated Heartstrings has a charming one, and my friend Julie Garrod - currently working on an animated installation - has put together a fascinating blog that moves its emphasis away from visual art and towards soul-searching.

Some students have made blogs covering their entire courses, such as National Film and Television School student Bianca Ansems' blog Like A Blue Bird. On the subject of new talent, Aaron Foster's The GagaMan (n) Is In is one of the flat-out funniest animators' blogs I've seen.

There are plenty more blogs out there, of course - stay tuned for a follow-up post.

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