Friday, 10 September 2010

More public information films: iced ponds, housefires and explosions

Iced Ponds was released in 1969. This anonymous webpage - which, as far as I can tell, got its information from the liner notes to the Charley Says VHS release - attributes it to the Larkins studio.

"Once upon a time, there was a pond covered with ice. The children who played on it were perfectly safe so long as they followed three simple rules."

"One: take an adult with you."

"Two: wait 'till he's tested the ice."

"Three: keep away from the centre where the ice is thinnest."

"As for the children who didn't follow these three rules, some of them were never heard of again."

"So the good children who were left made very certain that there was always a grown-up with them, that he tested the ice first, that thy kept near the shore. And as a result, they lived happily ever after."

Tidy Up at Night is another 1969 film. According to the site mentioned above it was made by New Decade Films.

"When you've come home from work and decided you're very tired, ready for bed..."

"...think safe."

"Tidy up at night. Settle the coals. Put the guard in front of the fire."

"Empty the ash-trays. If clothes are airing near a boiler, remove them."

"And any oil heaters should be turned off."

"Take out electric plugs, especially heaters and electric irons - not forgetting the TV set"

"All these are sources of danger, especially at night. Don't gamble with lives and property - you're bound to lose in the end."

"So when you're ready for bed, think."

And finally, here's Talking Gas from 1978.

"I'm fed up - being a gas means you want to keep moving."

"In the cylinders there's no room to expand at all!"

"And anyway, in a mobile heater the most you can hope for is a short trip up the tube and the heady excitement of being a controlled flame."

"I do get out sometimes, you know. And in fact... yeah... there's a leak! Now's my chance!"

"Time to build up a nice surprise. Here we go..."

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