Saturday, 16 October 2010

Eighties Russell Hall adverts: Johnson's, Super Softies and One Cal

Three adverts directed by Russell Hall for the Richard Williams studio. First is Bath Time, a Johnson's Baby Bath advert from 1981.

"look here, mums. It's about time we had a few things out in the open."

"You're after our Johnson's Baby Bath, and don't think we haven't noticed."

"We know its gentle foam and delicate perfume are hard to resist. We can understand you wanting smooth, baby-soft skin..."

"...but at our expense? Have you no shame?"


"Johnson's Baby Bath. Keeps you soft and smooth from top to bottom."

Next is Cherubim, a 1983 advert for Super Softies baby wipes.

"Stop wriggling, Arthur. You're getting the garland in a twist."

"Sorry, Maurice - nappy's giving me a jip."

"Doesn't your mum use Super Softies?"
"Super what?"

"New Super Softies from Sterling Health. Bigger, softer baby wipes with soothing lanolin to cleanse, protect and care for our skin."

"Better, Arthur?"
"On cloud nine, Maurice!"

"New Super Softies with lanolin. Skin care for little cherubs."

And finally Sweet Nothing, a 1984 advert for One Cal soft drinks.


  1. Where can i view these adverts? Especially the cherubin one?

    1. You can view them here