Monday, 24 January 2011

70s public information films: junctions, caravans, and axe-wielding maniacs

Here's Junction Lanes, a 1974 public information film.

"Hey, Dad, you know the traffic lights at the top?"

"You know if you want to go straight on, the offside lane's favourite?"
"Is it?"

"Well, today the other lane cleared first."
"Oh yes?"
"Well, in a case like that, is it alright to change lanes?"

"Not if something's coming up in the other lane it isn't."

"Oh. Well, I won't do it again, Dad - not in your car, anyway."

"I'm off to the Himalayas, Dad!"

"When approaching lights, pick your lane early and stick to it."
"I won't do it again, Dad, honest!"

Next up is 1976's Caravan Instability (or, as the narrator at the start has it, Claude Goes to the Seaside: A Cautionary Tale for Caravaners)

There, think I've got everything in. Heh-hey, I'm looking forward to our holiday, aren't you dear?"
"Yes, dear."

"Just a moment - with all this weight at the back I'm not safe to be taken anywhere."
"Oh, do stop fussing, Claude."
"You mark my words!"


"That's done it - the whole lot's shifted up front. You'll never manage, now."
"Hey, hold your head up, Claude! You're making it very hard to steer."

"Oi! There's a speed limit for caravans, you know!"
"Alright, alright, don't panic, I'm putting the breaks on."

"Hey, pack that in, Claude!"
"It's not my fault, I told you we were overloaded!"

"Next time you take a caravan on holiday, please, don't overload it and keep within the speed limit."

And finally Door Chain, also from 1976, which features a modified version of the song Green Door.

"Who can it be? Perhaps..."

"It's your rich aunt Annie who you love to see, outside the front door..."

"...or your loving husband who has lost his key outside the front door..."

"Now I wonder who is it going to be outside the front door..."

"But stop! On the other hand, could it be that..."

"...there's a real gone con man who'll take you in, outside the front door?"

"Or a mad, bad axe-man who is deep in sin outside the front door?"

"So put the chain on the door before you let them in through the front door."

"See who's there first before you open the door - put the chain on."

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