Sunday, 13 February 2011

Public information films: sick pay, school leaving and flues

I don't know who made any of these films, but I'd like to find out - particularly in the case of this one, Statutory Sick Pay, which is a lovely piece of cartooning.

"It's Harry, Mr. Barlow - wants a word."

"Harry? Where th'eck are thou?"

"At home sick, Mr. Barlow - I don't reckon I'll be in this week."

"Ooh, I'm right sorry to hear that, lad. (He's better off at home anyway, specially if it's catching)"

"Still, th'done the right thing getting in touch, so's I can get tha sick pay sorted."

"Britain's new sick bay scheme is now law, making it your employer's responsibility to give you the first eight weeks of your sick pay. Look for details in the press, or ask at works about the new arrangements."

"You ought to know, you know!"

Next, here's School Leaving Age, from the early seventies.

"Your dad - ninety years old, bless him - had to leave school at..."
"I left school at eleven!"

"It didn't give him much of a chance in life, did it?"
"Give me no chance in life!"

"This was all very wrong, and the school leaving age was raised."
"It was better for my lad! We made sure he stayed 'til he was fourteen!"

"Yes, it was better for you - but not good enough."

"To give my lad the right start in life he should have ha more schooling."
"That was going to cost money - and there were depressions and wars."
"I was at wipers! EEH-EEH-EEH-EEH-EEH!"

"But now, at long last, all children will get the chance they deserve. For in 1972, the school leaving age will be raised from fifteen to sixteen."

"You make sure that lad makes the best of it!"
"Be patinet with grandad - he's a bit jealous."

And finally, Keep Flues and Chimneys Clear.

"The gas water heater in your bathroom is safe if used properly, but it needs a flow of air in and out."

"A blocked ventilator or a blocked flue can be dangerous. Keep flues an ventilators clear - always."

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