Friday, 27 April 2012

1972 Pippin annual

A while ago I covered the 1979 Pippin annual, which contained strips based on a number of contemporary animated or puppet series. Since then I bagged a copy of the 1972 annual for 30p, so let's see who's been included...

First up are The Herbs.

This Trumpton puzzle page was provided by Fred Robinson, who also provided the strips based on the series.

Although Fred Robinson's designs for the Trumpton strips are quite faithful to Gordon Murray's original puppets, the artist behind the Chigley strips (most likely Neville Maine) has taken a different path. The proportions are the same as Murray's puppets, but there are more details, such as Lord Belborough's cheekbones. Apologies for the torn page - that's second-hand annuals for you...

The Pogles strips are signed, simply, 'N'.

The Joe pictures look like they might have been drawn by Joan Hickson, the character's original illustrator.

The first panel of this Bizzy Lizzy strip has a signature, but I can't quite make it out - "Martin", maybe?

And finally, here's a Mary, Mungo and Midge strip that appears to have been drawn by Jim Eldridge, who illustrated the board game on the back cover.

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