Friday, 27 July 2012

Recommended blogs

My blogging schedule's been a bit disrupted by computer problems, so instead of the article I had planned for today here's a brief list of recommended blogs...

This month has seen the opening of a new blog, Discovering Dad, which is run by Terry Gilliam's daughter Holly. So far it's been updated almost daily, and fans of the cult animator look to be in for a treat. Holly's even managed to dig up those iconic roses...

Back in January 2011 Jan-Willem de Vries set up a blog devoted entirely to Harold Mack. This little-known animator is remembered primarily for directing the George Moreno-produced Bubble and Squeek cartoons - themselves pretty obscure - in the late forties; but as de Vries makes clear Mack also worked at other studios, including Halas & Batchelor and G-B Animation. At the time of writing the blog has only two posts but they comprise probably the most throrough biography of the man ever written. It's good to see that figures on the margins of animation history have enthusiasts willing to pay them their dues.

As far as more recent work goes, Dundee-based animator Vicki Haworth runs a small blog, mainly for her concept art, which is worth a look; see also the blog of Sketch Group Scotland, to which she belongs. Iona Whytok has some nice work on her blog Up the Ziggurat, and I also enjoyed the blogs of Helen Piercy and Tori Davis.

And finally, the production blog of Neil Boyle's recent cel-animated labour of love, The Last Belle, is very thorough and well worth a look.

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