Thursday, 9 May 2013

Animaland: Ginger Nutt in "It's a Lovely Day"

With It's a Lovely Day, the Animaland series departed from its revolving cast of characters and developed a series star: a squirrel named Ginger Nutt. Serving as antagonists are the roguish Corny Crow (who owes rather a lot to the parrot character from an earlier short, The Lion) and his stooges Loopy Hare and Dusty Mole.

The plot and gags are not very strong, unfortunately, but the cartoon does a good job of introducing the characters.


  1. Comics cartoonist Reg Parlett was a storyboard artist at G-B Animation, and worked on the Ginger Nutt films. He had an influence on the design of Corny Crow, who was his favourite character to draw.

    20 years later (1968) he turned his version of the character into the family of birds in "The Crows", a strip for the comic Valiant.

  2. Thanks for the information - I'll have to see if I can dig that out.