Monday, 24 June 2013

Animaland: Ginger Nutt's Bee Bother

This is the second Animaland short to star Ginger Nutt, and it also introduces us to his girlfriend Hazel Nutt. Ginger gets some character development here: when the three antagonists Corny Crow, Loopy Hare and Dusty Mole disrupt his date, he is revealed to have quite a temper.

John Wilson, one of the animators who worked on this and the other Animaland shorts, sadly passed away on Friday. Insightful retrospectives of his career can be read at Cartoon Brew and Michael Sporn's blog.


  1. I just reminded myself one of the animators on this cartoon just passed away a few days back. John Wilson, he'll be missed!

  2. I should have mentioned him in the post - I've just updated it.

  3. Excellent post as usual Neil. I happened to read a profile of another Animaland animator this week- Ron Smith. He had a long career in British comic books & was instrumental in the early development of Judge Dredd at 2000AD but his first job after flying spitfires in the war was at David Hands studio. The piece is published in '2000AD: The Creator Interviews' 01' available for download on iTunes . It's a fascinating read about life at that studio in the 40s

    1. Thanks for the information - Ginger Nutt and Judge Dredd are two characters who I'd never have associated!