Friday, 26 July 2013

Bob Godfrey and The Magnificent 7 Deadly Sins

Despite some impressive talent in terms of performers and writers, the 1971 comedy anthology feature The Magnificent 7 Deadly Sins ends up as something of a curio: a time capsule to a long-gone era when grown adults would pay money to see Bruce Forsyth falling down a hole, or Harry Secombe having a bucket of water emptied over his head.

Nevertheless, the film is worth remembering as it contains some lesser-known work by Bob Godfrey. These animated sequences link the seven live action segments together, and star a cartoon version of director Graham Stark.

The animation is credited simply to Bob Godfrey Cartoon Films, so I do not know if anyone worked alongside him. The voice of the main character is uncredited, but as Stark was an established comic actor at this point (this was his only feature as director) it seems reasonable that he voiced himself.

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  1. Hey Neil

    You can see the studio working on the film in this clip from Tomorrow's World.