Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Unscripted audio and early Aardman

Confessions of a Foyer Girl

I recently wrote an article for Cartoon Brew about animated films which use unscripted audio in the manner of Creature Comforts. I took the chance to touch upon some of Aardman's pre-Comforts films, including the Animated Conversations shorts Down and Out and Confessions of a Foyer Girl.

I've already written about Animated Conversations on this blog a couple of times before, in this post and in my interview with William Mather, who conceived the series. There's something I find fascinating about Aardman's two contributions, along with the studio's later Conversation Pieces studio. It's always interesting to take a familiar studio and look at what it produced before it found its groove: the rougher, less assured work which hints at a range of different future directions. There's still a lot which young animators can learn from these films.

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