Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Late 2000s CBBC idents

I generally focus on older work with this blog, but lest anyone get the impression that British animation suddenly died in the nineties here's something rather more up-to-date - a set of Children's BBC idents introduced in 2007, combining original characters with CBBC stars such as Shaun the Sheep and Tracy Beaker.

Each ident consists of four clips - one for each letter of 'CBBC' - followed by a clip showing the full logo. The series of idents (of which there are more than the three shown below) were directed by Run Wrake, Murray John, Eoin Clarke, Filipe Alcada, Susi Wilkinson and Mario Cavalli for Bermuda Shorts and Red Bee Media.

As or who did what, I'm afraid that all I can find out is that the golf, submarine and scientist/brain clips were all directed by Run Wrake (and can be seen on his website), and the dogs were the work of Susi Wilkinson (and are included on hers).

This last clip is used on all of the idents.

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  1. Much missed never forgotten - run wrake we’ll always remember the barry manilow mirror! Happy days