Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Seventies Richard Williams Studio adverts: Count Pushkin and Discovery Train

Two more adverts from the Richard Williams Studio, this time from the 1970s.

Here's a remarkably elaborate advert for Count Pushkin Vodka, titled Imperial Guard Cavalry. The BFI database claims that it was released in 1976, although Denis Gifford's British Animated Films, 1895-1985: A Filmography gives the year as 1977. It was directed by Russell Hall.

"The time: eighteen-hundred and sixty. The place: Kazan, in old imperial Russia."

"The men are cadets of the Imperial Guard Cavalry."

"The day begins. Sabre training - a cadet learns the cuts, the parries and defenses"

Lance against lance, mounted. Lance against sword, dismounted."

"The ability to pluck a ring from the ground at full gallop."

"Day after day, until the youth becomes a man, the man a soldier."

"Winter comes. The cadet learns to survive the most terrible of Siberian blizzards."

"With Spring come the final manoeuvres and the ultimate test of horsemanship: to open rank at the canter, and close at the gallop."

"The spirit has been forged, never to falter."

"And at the graduation ball of Saint Petersberg, the proudest moment of his life: the cadet, now an officer, receives his epaulettes from the Emperor himself."

"Nazdrovia! A toast to Count Pushkin - the noblest name in Vodka!"

Next is a 1979 advert listed in the BFI database simply as Discovery Train. Again, it was directed by Russell Hall.

"They're gathered from the past, to tell our story..."

"...of surival, courage..."

"...hardship, heritage..."

"...discovery, challange..."

"...good times..."

"...struggles, and conflict..."

" let us all discover the greatestcountry in the world."

"Discovery Train: it's Canada on the move! Catch it!"

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  1. This is utterly compelling. I saw the oroginal commericials in the 80s. Magnificent. Does anybody know how I can get hold of the original commercials? Please contact me: