Sunday, 14 March 2010

More black and white television commercials: Rael-Brook shirts, McDougall's flour and Castrol petrol

A few more old ads that were shown on BBC4's Animation Nation documentary series. As before, I have no information on who made them.

First up is an ad for Rael-Brook shirts mainly drawn but with a bit of photoanimation thrown in. The official Rael Brook (the hyphen seems to have been dropped somewhere down the line) website has a bit of background info on the campaign.

Next is McDougall's flour.

And finally, here's an ad for Castrol petrol; the driver tries to buy other brands, only to have his car throw a bit of a huff. Interesting bit of character design - anthropomorphic cartoon cars generally have their eyes located on their headlights, while Pixar broke from tradition by using the windscreens; this ad, meanwhile, is the only piece of animation I know of that uses the steering wheel as an eye.

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