Friday, 5 March 2010

When in the Country

When in the Country is a beautifully designed five-minute public information film from 1963 outlining the Country Code. It was amde by Guild Animation.

"The ways of the farmer have changed greatly over the years, and so have his pieces... of machinery."

"But he still works from dawn till dusk, and requires a good night's sleep."

"Noise at night travels far.; it also travels quite a way during the day."

Advice and warnings are given in regards to using country roads.

"Remember too that loudly played radios are annoying both to the farmer and to other visitors to the countryside."

"Most dogs enjoy a day in the country, but their exuberance is not always appreciated by the locals."

"Calves and lambs are often born dead, because their mothers have been frightened by dogs."

"Now, this farm dog is trained not to chase the animals, so train your dog to obey you."

"People who let their dogs go berserk in the country are often not much better themselves. They have no respect for the farmer's property, his gates, and walls."

"So please, leave the farmer's things alone."

"Protect also the wildlife of the countryside, and don't follow the example of the fox."

"Things that start off in an innocent way can cause a lot of harm."

"If it is necessary for you to light a fire to cook, make sure you keep it under proper control."

"On a fine Summer's day, besides the smoke from your fire, other strange things take to the air."

"Litter: a good job tins can't fly - but they do, and so do some bottles."

"Rivers and streams are good landmarks from up here, and you'd be surprised at some of the things you see..."

The film ends with warnings about the dangers posed by litter to animals and farm machinery.

"The countryside is not provided with litterbins, so follow the country code and take your litter home."

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