Sunday, 22 August 2010

Nexus adverts: Abba to Zappa and rude cows

A set of stills from the famed 2004 advert From Abba to Zappa, directed by Smith & Foulkes for Nexus Productions to promote The Observer's music magazine.

And as a bonus here are some stills from another Nexus advert, titled Calf, promoting a football guide given away with The Guardian. The commercial was directed by Simon Henwood and drew no fewer than 85 complaints to Ofcom.

"Mama, what'll happen to me when I go to the golden pasture in the sky?"

"Well, your shoulders and your ribs will go to the nice, big supermarket..."

"...and your tongue and your legs to that lovely organic butcher."

"But ma - what about my testicles?"

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