Monday, 16 August 2010

Richard Williams Studio ads from the seventies and eighties: Corona, Star Bar and Frosties

I don't have a year for this advert, but it was presumably released in the seventies, when there were a few other commercials in the same campaign. Possibly directed by Williams, as some of the other ads were.

"Too many guys around town are thinkin' there's other bubbles fizzier than the bubbles I've put through the Corona fizzical - and that's gettin' right up my nose!"

"Take that, Flatso! You people get the message?"

"Always put your money on a bubble that's passed the Corona fizzical, okay?"

"Corona: every bubble's passed its fizzical."
"Heh heh heh, you'd better believe it!"

Next is an advert for Cadbury's Star Bar from 1979 titled simply Cadbury's Star Bar.

"Hello, Control?"
"Go ahead, Skylab."

"This new Star Bar's the answer to our energy crisis!"
"Come again?"

"Star bar! Outside it's Cadbury's chocolate..."
"And inside?"
"Soft toffee around crunchy peanut butter!"

"Crunchy what butter?"
"Oh, peanut butter!"

"Wait 'til the President hears this!"
"Cadbury's new Star Bar - next time you're having an energy crisis."

And finally, a Frosties advert from 1983 called Western, containing another of Tigerman's attempts to steal the Frosties secret formula. Why didn't that guy just read the side of the box...?

"Tony, help! Tigerman's stealing the Frosties secret formula!"

"Oh no he's not..."

"Who moved the horse?"


"Only Kellog's Frosties have the secret formular that makes them..."

"Yikes! This is the end of the roaaaad..."

"...for Tigerman!"

"Your secret's safe with me."

"Nothing like Frosties when you're feeling a bit flat. They're grrrrrr-eat!"

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  1. I presume the line "Wait 'til the President hears about this this!" (re the peanut butter) in the Star Bar ad is a reference to President Jimmy "peanut farmer" Carter.