Sunday, 10 April 2011

All Overboard

Here's a rather sweet public information film available on the second Charley Says DVD. It's rather long - three minutes - but judging by its structure it was designed so that it could be split into smaller chunks.

Unfortunately, I have no information on who made it or when.

"This is a picture of the Robinson family on holiday. Let me tell you about it..."

"One fine morning the Robinsons decided to go out in a boat."

"Dad wanted to get a weather forecast. His family wanted to put to sea straight away."

"The weather changed, of course."

"The Robinsons were lucky: the coastguard spotted them and called out the lifeboat."

"Don't be like the Robinsons. Before you go out in a boat, get a local weather forecast."

"That was how the first day ended. The following day the Robinsons hired a motorboat to go out on a trip."

"Mr. Robinson wisely checked over all the equipment."

"The fire extinguisher, the boat hook..."

"...the lifejackets, the ladle and bilge pumps..."

"...that there was enough fuel for the voyage and no fuel leaks, and no spare cans aboard because of fire risk."

"So when you hire a boat, be like Mr. Robinson: always check the equipment. But don't forget to cast off!"

"The next day the pattern was characteristically familiar."

"When on holiday, grandma Robinson liked to spend the afternoon keeping a watch on the rest of the family."

"Oh dear, they're in trouble!"

"But Grandma knows what to do."
"Emergency, which service do you require?"
"Coastguard, please."

"Should you see anyone in distress at sea, do copy Grandma: dial 999 and ask for the coastguard."

"Their holiday was nearly over. But on their last day, strange as it may seem, the Robinson family felt like a trip on a pleasure cruise."

"But once aboard the Skylark, there did seem to be an awful lot of people. So Mr. Robinson decided not to go this time."

"A boat carrying more than twelve passangers must have a Board of Trade passenger certificate. This states the maximum number of passengers the boat may carry."

"And remember: children over one year count as full passengers."

"So look for the Board of Trade passenger certificate."

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