Friday, 29 April 2011

Dreamless Sleep and Sweet Disaster

Dreamles Sleep is a 1986 short by David Anderson on the subject of nuclear disaster; according to Animate Online it won the Hiroshima Peace Prize.

It was made as part of Sweet Disaster, a Channel 4 series consisting of animated visions of the apocalypse; other Sweet Disaster shorts I know of are Aardman's Babylon, directed by Peter Lord and David Sproxton (the easiest to get ahold of as it is included on the Aardman Classics DVD); Paradise Regained and Conversations by a Californian Swimming Pool, directed by Andrew Franks; and Death of a Speechwriter, directed by David Hopkins. In addition, Hopkins scripted each of these films aside from the dialogue-free Dreamless Sleep.

Babylon, Aardman's contribution to Sweet Disaster.

Presumably Conversations by a Californian Swimming Pool.

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