Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cara Confused

In compiling this blog I've begun to really miss the days of gorgeous hand-drawn ads from the Richard Williams studio and its contemporaries. With even Joanna Quinn's delicately pencilled grizzly - the last remnant of a dying tradition - replaced by a CGI koala, I'll take any attempt to keep the flame alive, no matter how small.

The adverts by Dan & Jason of New York-based Hornet Inc, while digitally animated, at least have their roots in a hand-drawn aesthetic. They're not the most sophisticated works around but they're vibrant, bouncy and get a surprising amount of mileage out of the site's original, rather static logo (top). Good on Hornet for keeping some 2D work going in Britain's commercial breaks.

The Hornet Inc website has caricatures of the studio's staff drawn in the style of the ads: