Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Animaland: The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo was the third of the Animaland shorts to be released, although Peter Hale informs me that it was actually in development before the first two, The Lion and The House Cat.

For the most part this short does away with the nature mockumentary style used by most early Animalands and goes for a character-based odd-couple comedy instead. It's one of the stronger shorts in the series, and the villainous weasel is perhaps the single best Animaland character.


  1. The fact that the main character (the Cuckoo) is a very selfish bastard (to say the least), I thought it was interesting how much he didn't care for his little brother in the face of danger (the cartoon alone could've went the trail blazed by a certain giant duck by the name of Huey back over here in the states with it's formulaic premise over and over).

  2. Incidentally, although a DVD release in later years have included this and other Animaland cartoons, the ending to this cartoon appears to have been removed for whatever reason, replaced with a generic "The End" screen that covered over what someone told me was a bit involving the cuckoo character after swallowing the cauldron, trying to get out and gets stuck in the hole with "The End" written over his bottom.

    I hope one of these days the original camera negatives (wherever they are) will be restored to their original intent and we can see these free from the quirky video implementations that bind them!