Sunday, 18 November 2012

Three years of blogging

I considered scouring through my animation collection looking for a still of a cake with three candles, but ended up going for the quick alternative instead...

Phew - there have been times when I've worried I'll run out of things to post about, but here I am at the third anniversary of this blog's beginning.

I took another look at the blog's statistics out of curiosity again; the most viewed posts to date are Gifford's '70s, the closure of Cosgrove Hall, video games '93-'97, Gifford's '40s, Animation Nation part one, British anime, the William Mather interview, All Overboard, Save UK Animation and Gifford's '80s.

The single top search term, meanwhile, is "Cosgrove Hall".

Year four starts now, let's see if I can keep up my five-posts-a-month quota...

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