Saturday, 30 November 2013

Eighties/nineties adverts: Boots and Babycham

A couple more adverts. Here's an early 90s Boots advert featuring Raymond Briggs' interpretation of Father Christmas.

 Next, this Babycham commercial. I debated with myself whether it was worth posting, given the poor quality of the print I own, but since the entire thing is bathed in a 1980s neon glow I have to wonder whether it ever looked any cleaner.

The deer from the Babycham logo comes to life in the middle of a party, creates a romantic companion for the moon, and then conjures up a flying saucer so that a bunch of aliens can join the party. At the end, the deer flies off into space while a woman with a high-pitched voice tells us that nothing sparkles, nothing sparkles, nothing sparkles like a Babycham.


  1. I remember Father Christmas advertising Kit Kats, but not Boots - something I'll have to go and find now!

    A shame that the adverts using him weren't included on the Father Christmas DVD...

  2. I was lucky enough to do some layouts on the Boots ad at TVC. Directed by Jimmy Murakami and Tony Guy. How lucky I was! Thanks for posting.