Monday, 18 November 2013

Four years of blogging

I have a few dim memories of my own fourth birthday (I definitely recall drinking limeade out of a Yogi Bear mug, for one thing) and now it is my blog that has reached that ripe old age. Was it really back in 2009 that I started running it...?

Once again, I've decided to mark the day by taking a look at my stats. For the last couple of years, the top search term was "Cosgrove Hall"; that has now slid down to third place, with "Animaland David Hand" and "Jet Force Gemini" dislodging it from the top spot. Fourth place, funnily enough, is "Xenu".

The top pages are Denis Gifford on the seventies, British gaming heroes 1993-7, life and death of Cosgrove-Hall, Animaland: The Lion, Denis Gifford on the forties, part of my Animation Nation transcript, Denis Gifford on the eighties, British anime, my interview with William Mather and All Overboard.

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