Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Eighties Richard Williams Studio adverts (and a public information film): Dulux, Robertson's and anti-smoking

Three more 1980s works from the Richard Williams Studio.

First, a 1983 commercial for Dulux paint. Titled Whiter Shades of Pale, it was designed to showcase the various shades of white included in the range. The Dulux dog mascot appears briefly at the beginning.

The ad takes us from the field and through a window into a house.

Here's Tangy, an advert for Robertson's Golden Shred starring the company's golliwog mascot; it was released in 1984 according to the Arrows archive, although the BFI database gives its year as 1983. The Arrows archive lists another ad in the series, Zestless.

"You know, some marmalades get some of their tang from added flavouring."

The flavourings cause the golly's head to spin round and then start distorting (the cat in the background is also affected).

"...while Robertson's Golden Shred gets all of its tang from Seville oranges."

"What would you rather have for breakfast?"

And finally, here's a 1980 anti-smoking film starring none other than Superman. Cartoon Brew has a bit of information on it.

"Come on kids, if you want to grow up fast take one of these!"

"One puff and they'll soon be in my grasp!"

"Not so fast, Nick O'Teen!"

"If you want to go up fast, take one of these!"

"With my x-ray vision I can see the harm cigarettes to inside people's bodies - that's why I never say 'yes' to a cigarette."

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