Monday, 7 December 2009

Practical Pictures adverts - BIC Perfume, Fleetwood Mac and McVitie's Fruit Jaspers

Practical Pictures was a studio founded by Sue Young and Jonathan Hodgson that existed for a few years in the eighties.

Here's an advert for BIC perfume that was made for the French market. The New York Times website has an archived article from 1988 mentioning the campaign:
The television spots in France, which were handled by Young & Rubicam, told a whimsical boy-meets-girl story using animated characters drawn by the British artist Sue Young.

Tango in the Night is a 1988 advert for the eponymous Fleetwood Mac album. The commercial depicts a series of interconnected scenes based on the album's cover.

And finally, here's an advert for McVitie's Fruit Jaspers.

A spot of stop-motion comes in near the end, with the packet unwrapping itself.


  1. There was a 1987 cinema advertisement for Marksman Lager which was animated by Jonathan Hodgson. Haven't seen it on YouTube, but there's an advertising site that has it.

  2. The one based on his Nightclub film? Yeah, I've got a copy of that. I've been meaning to cover it for a while so thanks for reminding me.

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