Saturday, 26 December 2009

Seventies public information films: Coastgard's Job, Changing Plans and Teenagers Learn to Swim

Three public information shorts made by Nicholas Cartoons. Here's a film titled Coastguard's Job from 1970.

"This is a coastguard station, where a coastguard keeps watch for craft in difficulties at sea."

"Now, just here, there could be a boat in distress - and this could be you, seeing it all happen."

Next is another 1970 film, Changing Plans.

"I am a coastguard. I guard coasts, and yachtsmen like Edwin here."

"Sensibly, before sailing, Edwin is giving a friend details of his boat, where he's going, and when he'll be back."

A storm blows up.

"Edwin quickly makes for the nearest shelter; he decides to stay a while, but forgets to let anyone know his change of plan."

"So that later, his friend phones me, to tell me Edwin is hours overdue..."

"What a waste of time and money! So do help us, yachstmen: always tell somebody your sailing plans, but don't forget to let them know if you've changed them."

And finally, here's a 1972 film titled Teenagers Learn to Swim.

"This is me, thinking as usual about Dave. Dave is super - Dave can do anything! Oh, he's great, he really is!"

"When pow - up pops my fairy godmother with her 'I'll give you three wishes' routine. Wish number one is easy."

"Next, I wish we were both at the seaside."

"'It's just not my scene, man', says Dave."

"What he really meant was he couldn't swim!"

"Still got one wish left, remember - meet Mike. He swims like a fish."

"I wish I didn't keep losing my birds!"

"Then learn to swim, young man! Learn to swim!"

"Do learn to swim, it could save your life."

All three of these films can be found on the DVD compilation Charley Says.

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