Thursday, 7 January 2010

Green Cross Code films: Tony Gets it Right and Close to the Edge

Here are two films made to promote the Green Cross Code road safety campaign.

The Green Cross Man, portrayed by David Prowse, was introduced in 1975 to serve as the Code's mascot. Originally appearing in live action public information films, the character was used in a rotoscoped 1976 film, Tony Gets it Right.

"Hey, Tony!"

"Good - he's using the Green Cross Code".

"Stop, look, listen for traffic."

"When there's no traffic near, walk straight across, looking and listening all the time".

"That was great. Always use the Green Cross Code - because I won't be there when you cross the road."

Close to the Edge is a 1983 mixed media film promoting the Green Cross Code. By this time, the Green Cross Man is missing in action; instead, the film stars a boy named John and is set to an altered version of The Message by hip hop DJ Grandmaster Flash ("John was a fool who didn't act cool. He walked on out, he broke every rule. He should have checked it out, he should have used his head, if he don't watch out he's gonna wind up dead").

Both of these films can be found on the DVD compilation Charley Says.

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