Monday, 18 January 2010

Toonhound's top 10 series of the '00s

Toonhound has made a post reminiscing about the British TV animation of the past decade.
So. Yes. The Noughties. My, what a decade it was/has been. Everywhere you look, there are folks drawing up their Lists Of The Decade. Best Films, Best Books, Biggest News Stories - there seems to be a list for every occasion. Which has got The Hound thinking. What about our favourite TvToons? Surely they need a list, too? So The Hound's put his Thinking Cap on and he's thought and thunked his way through the decade in order to bring you his very personal list of Favourite TvToons from the last ten years.
Here's the complete list:
1: Shaun the Sheep
2: Summerton Mill
3: New Captain Scarlet
4: Peppa Pig/The Koala Brothers (tie)
5: The Secret Show
6: Pedro and Frankensheep
7: Frankenstein's Cat
8: Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
9: Fluffy Gardens
10: Little Red Tractor
The article touches on a number of interesting points. Does Britain produce too many preschool series? Was the CGI Captain Scarlet a martyr for cartoons aimed at older audiences? Is the golden age of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin truly dead, or does it live on in Summerton Mill?

Whatever your views, the article is a good look at some of the animation that defined the decade.

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