Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Late 4mations idents

I've posted stills from 4mations idents before, here and here; these ones were again provided by students. I don't know exactly when they were made, but they were presumably introduced around 1996, when the channel first adopted its "four-circle" logo.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Ian Emes films: Oriental Nightfish, French Windows, New York Seltzer

Some stills from three films by Ian Emes. First, his beautifully crafted 1977 video for Linda McCartney's Oriental Nightfish, which can be seen here.

Next, Emes' first animated film: French Windows from 1972. Watch it online here.

And finally, an eighties advert for New York Seltzer soft drinks ("they're from the city, kitty!"). The ad can be seen here; Emes describes it as saving him from bankruptcy following his 1986 live action feature Knights & Emeralds.