Saturday, 30 November 2013

Eighties/nineties adverts: Boots and Babycham

A couple more adverts. Here's an early 90s Boots advert featuring Raymond Briggs' interpretation of Father Christmas.

 Next, this Babycham commercial. I debated with myself whether it was worth posting, given the poor quality of the print I own, but since the entire thing is bathed in a 1980s neon glow I have to wonder whether it ever looked any cleaner.

The deer from the Babycham logo comes to life in the middle of a party, creates a romantic companion for the moon, and then conjures up a flying saucer so that a bunch of aliens can join the party. At the end, the deer flies off into space while a woman with a high-pitched voice tells us that nothing sparkles, nothing sparkles, nothing sparkles like a Babycham.

Remember, remember, the, er, thirtieth of November.

Okay, I'm twenty-five days late with this one - but can I be blamed, when Guy Fawkes Night is quickly being squished by the twin juggernauts of Halloween and Christmas? So, just before we head into December and all that it entails, here is a retelling of the story of Mr. Fawkes, as animated by the children of Arnhem Wharf Primary School in 2011:

Friday, 29 November 2013

Adverts 1999/2000: Natwest and milk

A couple of adverts from the turn of the century...

The first is this rotoscoped 1999 Natwest ad, set to the theme from The Littlest Hobo.

Next is this 2000 advert for the National Dairy Council. It was one of (I believe) three adverts made as part of a campaign that used celebrities as characters; in this case, boxers Prince Naseem and Chris Eubank were lampooned.