Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Richard Williams Studio adverts: Uniroyal, Prime Computer, Soloflex

Another selection of stills from Richard Williams Studio adverts, starting with one for Uniroyal. "When the rain came, the Uniroyal Steel Cat had grown stronger once again."

"And now, it would hold on better in the rain than it ever had before."

"So when the time came, the Steel Cat showed its claws, and held each wet corner, each start, each stop better than it ever had before."

Next is a commercial for Prime Computer. "In the beginning, computers were clumsy, inefficient giants."

"Many took strange forms that were doomed to extinction."

"Where others had failed, Prime Computer pioneered data processing for a changing world."

"Now, Prime Computer brings you sophisticated, evolutionary systems that adapt easily to the needs of today and tomorrow."

"Prime Computer: designed to evolve with your business."

And finally, an ad for Soloflex. "We have been fascinated from the beginning: as a machine, the human body remains a supreme invention."

"To unlock its potential we offer Soloflex: simple and efficient, like the body itself."

"Which may explain why Soloflex looks less like a machine, and more like a work of art."

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